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Procrastinationally productive!

2014-10-03 18:21:02 by Suncomes

I have never been so artisticaly productive than since I've gotten into University. Not sure if it's the change of scenary or just to do anything but goddam advanced-grammar work, but I've developped that horrible habit of sitting in front of my wacom around 10pm... and getting up around 3am.

The good thing is, it gives me something to show of on internet.

PLUS, I've decided to give a try to Redbubble. Practicing my t-shirt graphic skills and selling some shizzles? Heck-freaking-yeah! So long, my portfolio is pretty darn empty with its three designs. But it's three things more than nothing to choose from.

Holy Pumpkin Everything!

To celebrate your pumpkin addiction - don't deny it, your inner white girl is hard to control in fall - there's the Holy Pumpkin Everything design. Make it an in-your-face statement with a baseball shirt or keep it for yourself with a greeting card.

And for December 17, may I suggest an Adventure Time and Hobbit crossover? Will you dress accordingly for the premiere, one last time?

As usual, all the art will be available here, on Newground. Gotta give that community a little something!


'till then, my friends, enjoy the coloured-leaves month while it lasts. Tonight, I will be celebrating it at my university's Oktoberfest.

How will you celebrate Fall?

Love the Hot-Dog!

2014-03-16 13:39:39 by Suncomes

You love hot-dogs! And so does this monster!

And this is exactly why I'm calling out for you one last time, fellow Newgrounders, to support me and make me as popular as possible on this.

With your help, this little monster will be my winning ticket to a contest I entered. The prize is an exposition in Montréal's new bus shelters AND a grant of 1 500$.

All you need to do is to write down your email and the given captcha and submit your vote. No spam, no hidden newsletter, no nothing, guaranteed. If you want additional good-karma points, share the hot-dog lovin' monster with your friends.

Today is your LAST CHANCE to express your love for the Hot-Dog!


All hail the Hot-Dog Monster!

Contest and news

2014-02-24 19:14:24 by Suncomes

I'm calling out for you, fellow Newgrounders, to support me and make me as popular as possible on this.

With your help, this little monster will be my winning ticket to a contest I entered. The prize is an exposition in Montréal's new bus shelters AND a grant of 1 500$.

All you need to do is to write down your email and the given captcha and submit your vote. No spam, no hidden newsletter, no nothing, guaranteed. If you want additional good-karma points, share the hot-dog lovin' monster with your friends.

About the monster game development:

We are excited to give you the name of the monster trainning game to come: Fobii. It's growing up fast! We should be abble to release something great on the appStore in about 4 weeks.

We also found a compositor: Natanel Arnson. He is WONDERFUL. If you are looking for profesional-quality sound and music, he is the man! Fobii's main theme will be stuck in your head, in the best possible way.

Hot Dog! No one can resist them!

Monster game needs musician

2014-01-31 10:35:54 by Suncomes

Monsmwalsak - Design sample


Looking for a musician to compose the music of an app game.

We are a team of four graduating students (2 coders and 2 animators) working on our end-of-studies project: a game we intend to launch on the app store for free.

We want something original with an “organic” sound. No electronic music, tough the composition can be made using computer. As comparison, we really like the Rayman Origins’ feel (See below for links and references). We need something fun and light hearted. We do have a fondness for funny or weird instruments such as ukulele, kazoo and jew’s harp. We also love off signing silly voices and grunts.


We would need at least three tracks:

-A main theme -A calm music for game introduction -A faster one for the game playing part -More punctuation sounds will probably be asked.


Dead line to answer is February 7. Dead line for the project itself is Marsh 10. This last deadline is non-negotiable as it is based on our own deadline.

Send an email to Stéphanie Gauthier at for further details on the project and the possibility to provide a demo.


Stéphanie Gauthier - Salim Lounis - Nicolas Lemoyne - Pascal Rioux -

Links and references

“The Lum King” :

“Desert of Dijiridoos First Staffs” :

“Desert of Dijiridoos Shooting me Softly” :

“Sea of the serendipity Panic at the port” :

“Sea of the serendipity Village on the Water” :

“World Map Sea of Serendipity” :

“Land of the Livid Dead Nowhere to Run”

Ladies! I need a voice actress!

2013-06-17 16:51:24 by Suncomes

Hey, fellow lady-Newgrounders!

I have a small animation project based on a little silly dialogue between two parts on a bus. It's the story of Charlotte who meets Joe ,an original and slightly-too-insistent man on the bus

I still need a female voice. Easy, quick project. No mature content.

Charlotte is a 20 y.o. women, no particular accent, not cartoony. She is kind, a bit too kind maybe (she doesn't want to hurt Joe and can't tell him to just go away) and a tad sarcastic. Audition: "You mean you know how to use an old straight blade razor?"

If the project turns out good, there might be a possibility of making other "Charlotte on the Bus".


For more informations and to know where to send your demo, PM me!

Good luck!

Ladies! I need a voice actress!

Giant cannibal bunny?

2013-05-22 21:52:31 by Suncomes

Hey there fellow Newgrounders.

Mid-may already and I can finally see summertime coming ahead. But I always have that bitter feeling when I realize I didn't had any time to animate. At all. You know why? You know why. Yup, school.

Had a butload of project to take care of the end of term. Web-design, 3D animation, video making, web-integration, coding of a huge interactive game you play by throwing little sacs to a projection on a wall... LOTS.

As always, tho, I came to NG so seek for help and contributors. I want to give a big shout out to Mihai Sorohan, a wonderful artist that made music for two of my projects.

I used one of his pieces in it. The video is in French because I had to do so for my class, but you should understand the story pretty well. I used some greenscreen shots and put it together in AdobePremierePro. It is not an animation, but it might be the first live-action movie I'm proud of.

Keep up being such a wonderful community!

WDaA's Death and News

2012-02-03 13:56:05 by Suncomes

It's been a while since I gave you a sing of life. I know you missed me, don't you lie. But cry no more, I am back.

First, for all of you out there that were concerned about the progression of Wanted Dead and Alive, I owe you some excuses and explanations. The project died with my relationship with the author. BUT, I still have everything I've already done and I keep it preciously. I still have the names, email adresses and auditions of every single one of you who sent us stuff. I still have the lines the official actors sent us. I still have the texts for the, what, three first episode. When I say it's dead, it's just that I don't know yet if it's gonna born again from his ashes, like a phoenix.

Now, for the real news. I took a new direction in my studies. I am now in Multimedia, wich means my homeworks are to create animations, games, web design and stuff. I am going to post everything I juge good enough for you on the flash portal.

I also have a brand new DeviantArt page. I will post my animation there, as well as all the visual stuff I can't post here (A.K.A. webdesigns, photomanipulations, drawings, sketches...).

Last thing! With all the differents projects I have to do, I often run out of ideas for my subjects. If you had to build a website, what would it be about? What kind of flash games do you like the most? What would be the greatest game ever on your opinion? Go on and give me ideas! Maybe it will become real! You are an bottomless pit of ideas and I need it!

Oh, and go see my last derpy-animation: O Yellow Sweater. Made it during my spare times. Strangely, it got a pretty neat score.

Be creative and never give up, y'all!

You already heard about the Wanted Dead and Alive project and VA auditions, you're not crazy. But we have an emergency.One of our actors quite de project. He leaves behind him three orphan parts: Florio, Colin and Lloyd.

We're reopening the auditionsfor these three characters. We're not adding any specification to Florio's and Colin's description, so feel free to play them the way you think they should, basing your reflection only on the description.

Colin is around 25 years old. He's one of Sophie's best men, strong and efficient, but stays very soft the rest of the time. He's the good buddy you want to drink a beer with. He talks with a warm voice and has a light French accent.

Audition Lines:
1: Sophie? I'm not that surprised. Everything her father built is slowly falling apart since she took the head of the operation.
2: (Surprised) Oh! (Gently mocking) I understand the grumpy face now. I forgot! The great Lloyd Smithson never captures people; it's funnier to crush them!

30 years old. He's very gentle, soft and romantic, but is a coward. He has a high-pitched voice and an Italian accent.

Audition Lines:
1: (Intimidated, trying to calm her down) Mi amore, what can I do? He's the Padrino of the Italian mafia, dé big boss! I'm just his nephew. I have no influence on him, you know that.
2: He's... (searching for his words) he's old school. He can't understand a woman made her way to the top at such a young age.

The thing are a bit more complicated for Lloyd. We like how he sounded when played by Chris, and we're looking for something similar. Here's a little something that should help you figuring out how to play his part.

Lloyd Smithson
He's a 30 years old American. Rough, vulgar, obstinate, but not dumb. He's kind to his friends and has a good sense of humor. He's not mean to his friends, but mocks them or use sarcasm often and never show compassion overtly. He talks with a loud voice and has a basic American accent.

Audition Lines:
1: They finally turned these old sci-fi videogames' gadget into reality! Pull the pin, throw, it turns sticky, it sticks to the target... then BOOM!, you know?
2: (Annoyed) Fuck off, Colin! It doesn't scare me. The Godmother's the biggest fish to catch in Paris, (raising the voice and pointing his chest) and I'M gonna be the best fisherman!

You can post your auditions at . You can also PM me or find my artist page on facebook.

Thanks to everyone and, once again, good luck!

From left to right:

Lloyd Smithson
Sophie Desjardins
Shigeru Kitaro
Vincent Calvera
Archy (computer)

These characters were created by The Cone Man and are used in the Wanted Dead and Alive project.

Characters of the Wanted Dead and Alive project

Wanted Dead and Alive project

2011-02-06 14:40:11 by Suncomes

Voice distribution for the Wanted Dead and Alive project

Shigeru Kitaro: Joshua Tomar
Vincent Calvera: Gianni
Lloyd Smithson: Chris Alassal
Sophie Desjardins: Miranda
Denis: Gianni
Colin: Chris Alassal
Florio: Chris Alassal
Archy: DesKnigh
Robert: Joshua Tomar

The first dialogues are being corrected. You'll receive your lines soon, everyone!

Wanted Dead and Alive project