Entry #17

Procrastinationally productive!

2014-10-03 18:21:02 by Suncomes

I have never been so artisticaly productive than since I've gotten into University. Not sure if it's the change of scenary or just to do anything but goddam advanced-grammar work, but I've developped that horrible habit of sitting in front of my wacom around 10pm... and getting up around 3am.

The good thing is, it gives me something to show of on internet.

PLUS, I've decided to give a try to Redbubble. Practicing my t-shirt graphic skills and selling some shizzles? Heck-freaking-yeah! So long, my portfolio is pretty darn empty with its three designs. But it's three things more than nothing to choose from.

Holy Pumpkin Everything!

To celebrate your pumpkin addiction - don't deny it, your inner white girl is hard to control in fall - there's the Holy Pumpkin Everything design. Make it an in-your-face statement with a baseball shirt or keep it for yourself with a greeting card.

And for December 17, may I suggest an Adventure Time and Hobbit crossover? Will you dress accordingly for the premiere, one last time?

As usual, all the art will be available here, on Newground. Gotta give that community a little something!


'till then, my friends, enjoy the coloured-leaves month while it lasts. Tonight, I will be celebrating it at my university's Oktoberfest.

How will you celebrate Fall?


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2014-10-04 21:38:00

by dropping out!

Suncomes responds:

Well, if you have other great plans in head, the choice is ultimately yours.


2015-04-12 10:05:13