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2014-02-24 19:14:24 by Suncomes

I'm calling out for you, fellow Newgrounders, to support me and make me as popular as possible on this.

With your help, this little monster will be my winning ticket to a contest I entered. The prize is an exposition in Montréal's new bus shelters AND a grant of 1 500$.

All you need to do is to write down your email and the given captcha and submit your vote. No spam, no hidden newsletter, no nothing, guaranteed. If you want additional good-karma points, share the hot-dog lovin' monster with your friends.

About the monster game development:

We are excited to give you the name of the monster trainning game to come: Fobii. It's growing up fast! We should be abble to release something great on the appStore in about 4 weeks.

We also found a compositor: Natanel Arnson. He is WONDERFUL. If you are looking for profesional-quality sound and music, he is the man! Fobii's main theme will be stuck in your head, in the best possible way.

Hot Dog! No one can resist them!


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2014-02-25 02:12:01

I'm voting, but doing it here
I didn't know you lived on *that* side of Canada lol! Do you speak French? Anyway best of luck, I hope you win!!

Suncomes responds:

Français, d'abord et avant tout.

French is actualy my first language. But there is so little point speaking French on Newground, it's just normal you didn't know.


2014-02-25 09:23:50

Be sure and FP post again... oh wait, you can only do it once a month? Anyway, I've got it bookmarked and will vote everyday, in the hope others will do the same! I think you have a good shot at winning this - call in all your favors, keep them at it!

Suncomes responds:

That is exactly what I plan on doing! Thank you a LOT for your help Vicarious! :D


2014-02-25 13:43:09

Voted for you!

Suncomes responds:

Thank you a billion time for your support, Jomillex!


2014-02-25 14:02:55


Suncomes responds:

I think I just fainted. Infinite thanks to you, Tom Fulp.


2014-03-04 17:30:58

The whole process is very painless, all you have to do is vote once, check your email, click the link and you can vote everyday till the end :)

Suncomes responds:

And this, gentleman, is exactly why you should share it with everybody.


2014-03-07 04:45:50

Voting ends next week, right? Gotta make another FP post sometime soon! Dunno when would be a good slow day, so it stays up there for a while... I haven't been checking the scores so far, how are you doing?

Suncomes responds:

The scores are not public. I have no idea how it is going. And I cannot do another FP post before two weeks or so. I'm only counting on good publicity from my contacts now.


2014-03-08 19:21:36

Hit up some of your Canadian counterparts here on their blogs then! Lord knows there's more than a few here lol! Sabtastic would do it!


2014-03-10 15:09:52

Oh dear, could you list the English link (the one I posted below) in the picture's English Author Description? You wrote it in two languages, might as well be two different links....

Suncomes responds:

Of course! I just did! Thank you!