Ladies! I need a voice actress!

2013-06-17 16:51:24 by Suncomes

Hey, fellow lady-Newgrounders!

I have a small animation project based on a little silly dialogue between two parts on a bus. It's the story of Charlotte who meets Joe ,an original and slightly-too-insistent man on the bus

I still need a female voice. Easy, quick project. No mature content.

Charlotte is a 20 y.o. women, no particular accent, not cartoony. She is kind, a bit too kind maybe (she doesn't want to hurt Joe and can't tell him to just go away) and a tad sarcastic. Audition: "You mean you know how to use an old straight blade razor?"

If the project turns out good, there might be a possibility of making other "Charlotte on the Bus".


For more informations and to know where to send your demo, PM me!

Good luck!

Ladies! I need a voice actress!


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2013-06-17 18:24:03

Obviously I can't audition, but I have forwarded this to someone who can!

Suncomes responds:

Thanks a lot!


2013-06-17 21:29:47 Ask her, she's got a lovely voice, as does

Suncomes responds:

Wow, good ones! I'll PM them right away.


2013-06-17 22:32:48

+1 vote for PiperAnn. That girl's a rising star. Also ATheatricalSongBird. Actually, damn near any voice actress on this site is really good. Or me.

(Updated ) Suncomes responds:

Or you. Would you be my Charlotte, Gi?


2013-06-17 23:59:54

"Oh handsome."
- Randy


2013-06-18 00:51:47

Oh my gosh. People are talking about me, and it's good stuff? I must be dreaming.

Gee wiz! Thanks for the plugs and good words. Aww, is that? Am I blushing? I think I'm blushing.

Suncomes responds:

SirUndead is just like that. And, well, you DO sound good.


2013-07-15 13:55:32

Hey, Steph. I hope everything is going alright. Haven't heard from you in quite awhile. Looking forward to seeing the end product.